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TMPA-2021: List of Accepted Papers

SPIDER: Specification-based Integration Defect Revealer. Vladislav Feofilaktov and Vladimir Itsykson.
Algorithm for Mapping Layout Grids in User Interfaces: Automating the “Squint Test”. Maxim Bakaev and Maxim Shirokov.
Fair Mutual Exclusion for N Processes. Yousra Hafidi, Jeroen J.A. Keiren and Jan Friso Groote.
Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Transformer-based CycleGAN. Chongyu Gu and Maxim Gromov.
Process Mining Algorithm for Online Intrusion Detection System. Yinzheng Zhong, Yannis Goulermas and Alexei Lisitsa.
An approuch to modules similarity definition based on the system log analysis. Ilya Samonenko, Tamara Voznesenskaya and Rostislav Yavorskiy.
Searching for Deviations in Trading Systems: Combining Control-Flow and Data Perspectives. Julio Cesar Carrasquel and Irina Lomazova.
An approach to creating a synthetic financial transactions dataset based on an NDA-protected dataset. Luba Konnova, Yuri Silenok, Dmitry Fomin, Andrey Novikov, Egor Kolesnikov, Ksenia Vorontsova and Daria Degtyarenko.
Investigation of the capabilities of artificial neural networks in the problem of classifying objects with dynamic features. Nikita Laptev, Vladislav Laptev, Gerget Olga, Dmitrii Kolpashchikov and Andrey Kravchenko.
Open-Source Tools for Neural Network Inference on FPGAs. Mikhail Lebedev and Pavel Belecky.
Link graph and data-driven graphs as complex networks: comparative study. Vasilii Gromov.
Data Stream Processing in Reconciliation Testing: Industrial Experience. Iosif Itkin, Nikolay Dorofeev, Stanislav Glushkov, Alexey Yermolayev and Elena Treshcheva.
Bayesian Optimization with Time-Decaying Jitter for Hyperparameter Tuning of Neural Networks. Konstantin Maslov.
Modern experiment management systems architecture for scientific big data. Anastasiia Kaida and Aleksei Savelev.
Early Detection of Tasks With Uncommonly Long Run Duration in Post-Trade Systems. Maxim Nikiforov, Danila Gorkavchenko, Murad Mamedov, Andrey Novikov and Nikita Pushchin.
Detection of flying objects using the YOLOv4 convolutional neural network. Semen Tkachev and Nikolay Markov.
Analysis of Hardware-Implemented U-Net–like Convolutional Neural Networks. Ivan Zoev, Nikolay Markov, Konstantin Maslov and Evgeniy Mytsko.
Optic Flow approximated by a homogeneous, three- dimensional Point Renewal Process. Dmitry Dubinin, Alexander Kochegurov, Elena Kochegurova and Viktor Geringer.
Model-based Testing Approach for Financial Technology Platforms: An Industrial Implementation. Luba Konnova, Ivan Scherbinin, Vyacheslav Okhlopkov, Levan Gharibashvili, Mariam Mtsariashvili and Tiniko Babalashvili.