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TMPA-2019: agenda

07 November 2019

Applications of Computational Topology to Artificial Intelligence

Alexander Gamkrelidze (about)

Petri Nets and Their Extensions - Part 1

Irina Lomazova (about)

Static Taint Analysis for JavaScript Programs

Nabil Almashfi and Lunjin Lu

Machine Learning and Value Generation in Software Development: A Survey

Barakat Akinsanya, Luiz Araujo, Mariia Charikova, Susanna Gimaeva, Alexandr Grichshenko, Adil Khan, Manuel Mazzara, Ozioma Okonicha and Daniil Shilintsev

Generation of Testing Metrics by Using Cluster Analysis of Bug Reports

Anna Gromova, Iosif Itkin and Sergey Pavlov

08 November 2019

Partial Specifications of Libraries: Applications in Software Engineering

Vladimir Itsykson (about)

Multi-perspective Process Mining with Embedding Configurations into DB-based Event Logs

Sergey Shershakov

Pre-processing Network Messages of Trading Systems into Event Logs for Process Mining

Julio Carrasquel, Sergey Chuburov and Irina Lomazova

Building an Adaptive Log Classification System. An Industrial Report

Kirill Rudakov, Andrey Novikov, Anton Sitnikov, Evgenii Tsymbalov, Elena Treshcheva and Alexey Zverev

Time Series Classification Based on Visualization of Recurrence Plots

Lyudmyla Kirichenko and Petro Zinchenko

Passive Testing Techniques in Practice

Ana Rosa Cavalli (about)

On DB-nets and Their Applications

Marco Montali and Andrey Rivkin

Relation between Test Coverage and Timed Automata Model Structure

Lukas Krejci, Jan Sobotka and Jiri Novak

About Using of Strings Similarity Conception in Software Engineering

Sergey Frenkel and Victor Zakharov

Random Graph Model for Structural Analysis of Online Communications

Ivan Sukharev and Maria Ivanova

Chaotic Time Series Prediction: Run for the Horizon

Vasilii Gromov

09 November 2019

Petri Nets and Their Extensions - Part 2

Irina Lomazova (about)

Development of Test Suite with Formally Verified FSM Coverage: A Case Study

Rostislav Yavorskiy and Iosif Itkin

Making Bounded Model Checking Interprocedural in (Static Analysis) Style

Daniil Stepanov, Marat Akhin and Mikhail Belyaev

Panel Discussion

Topics for the discussion:

  • AI in Software Testing
  • Testing of AI Systems
  • Research Challenges in Complex Process Analysys