Mikhail Glukhikh, JetBrains

Kotlin Language: from Null Dereference to Smart Casts

Mikhail Glukhih, JetBrains Kotlin is a new open-source programming language developed by JetBrains. The main design goal was to create a completely Java compatible language that compiles as fast as Java but is safer and more concise. This presentation considers two language aspects which implementation uses static code analysis. It is the nullability analysis algorithm to protect from null dereference at runtime which improves safety, and the smart cast application algorithm based on type inference which improves conciousness.

Mikhail Glukhikh was born in 3 June 1978 in Leningrad. He was graduated from Ioffe Physical Technical School in 1995 and from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University in 2001 with master degree in informational technologies. He defended PhD thesis in 2007. Since 2002, Mikhail was a lead developer in Digitek Labs at computer system and software engineering department. From 2007 he is an associate professor at the same department. In 2013 he worked in Clausthal University of Technology as an invited researcher. In 2014, he worked at SPb office of Intel corporation, since March 2015, he participates in Kotlin language development at JetBrains company.