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TMPA 2017


short overview

TMPA 2017: Short Overview

conference opening

Conference Оpening

Steve Zdancewic

Vellvm - Verifying the LLVM

Steve Zdancewic,
USA University of Pennsylvania
Maxim Mozgovoy

Unity Application Testing Automation with Appium and Image Recognition

Evgeny Pyshkin, Maxim Mozgovoy,
The University of Aizu
Daniil Stepanov

Distributed Analysis of the BMC Kind: Making It Fit the Tornado Supercomputer

Azat Abdullin, Daniil Stepanov, Marat Akhin,
St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, JetBrains Research
Lunjin Lu

Static Checking of Array Objects in JavaScript

Astrid Younang, Lunjin Lu, Nabil Almashfi,
Oakland Univerity
Vadim Zherder

Live testing distributed system fault tolerance with fault injection techniques

Alexey Vasyukov, Vadim Zherder,
Inventa, MOEX
Iosif Itkin

Software Testing in Market Infrastructures

Iosif Itkin,
Mustafa Kemal Tas

Generating Cost Aware Covering Arrays For Free

Mustafa Kemal Tas, Hanefi Mercan, Gülşen Demiröz, Kamer Kaya, Cemal Yilmaz,
Sabanci University
Maxim Menshchikov

5W+1H Static Analysis Report Quality Measure

Maxim Menshchikov, Timur Lepikhin,
Anna Gromova

Defect Report Classification in Accordance with Areas of Testing

Anna Gromova,
Maxim Bakaev

Assessing Subjective Quality of Web Interaction with Neural Network as Context of Use Model

Maxim Bakaev, Vladimir Khvorostov, Tatiana Laricheva,
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Wenbin Li

A Survey on Model-Based Testing Tools for Test Case Generation

Wenbin Li, Franck Le Gall, Naum Spaseski,
Easy Global Market
Ivan Selin

Scalable Testing Process Based on Formal Models

Vsevolod Kotlyarov, Pavel Drobintsev, Nikita Voinov, Ivan Selin, Alexey Tolstoles,
St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Daniel Rubio Bonilla

Using Functional Directives to Analyze Code Complexity and Communication

Daniel Rubio Bonilla,
HLRS - University of Stuttgart
Yuriy Skobtsov

Evolutionary Algorithms in Test Generation for digital systems

Yuriy Skobtsov, Vadim Skobtsov,
St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Thomas A. Henzinger

The Quest for Average Response Time

Thomas A. Henzinger,
Austria Institute of Science and Technology
Artem Gorokhov

Extended Context-Free Grammars Parsing with Generalized LL

Semyon Grigorev, Artem Gorokhov,
Saint Petersburg State University
Alexey A. Mitsyuk

Layered Layouts for Software Systems Visualization

Alexey A. Mitsyuk, Yaroslav V. Kotylev,
Higher School of Economics
Aleksey Markin

Simple Type Based Alias Analysis for a VLIW Processor

Aleksey Markin, Alexandr Ermolitsky,
Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies
Georgy Lukyanov

Functional Parser of Markdown Language Based on Monad Combining and Monoidal Source Stream Representation

Georgy Lukyanov, Artem Pelenitsyn,
Southern Federal University
Dmitriy Ryabukhin

Modeling of PLC-programs by High-level Coloured Petri Nets

Dmitriy Ryabukhin, Egor Kuzmin, Valery Sokolov,
Yaroslavl State University
Nenad Medvidovic

Stemming Architectural Decay in Software Systems

Nenad Medvidovic,
USA University of Southern California
Nikita Koval

Dl-Check: Dynamic Potential Deadlock Detection Tool for Java Programs

Nikita Koval, Dmitry Tsitelov, Roman Elizarov,
Roman Nesterov

Compositional Process Model Synthesis based on Interface Patterns

Roman Nesterov, Irina Lomazova,
Higher School of Economics
Pavel Andrianov

Predicate Abstraction Based Configurable Method for Data Race Detection in Linux Kernel

Pavel Andrianov, Vadim Mutilin, Alexey Khoroshilov,
Institute for System Programming
Ilja Zakharov

A Survey of High-Performance Computing for Software Verification

Ilja Zakharov,
Institute for System Programming